5 Great New Games and Apps for Children

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Looking for some great new games and apps for children? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded a selection of some of our favorite recent releases from the world of mobile and web-based apps and games. Our latest reviews cover everything from educational websites geared towards early learning, to fun puzzle games and interactive apps. Read on for some of our top picks for the best new educational and recreational apps and games for kids.

New Games and Apps for Children:


Pivvot is a deceptively simple mobile game that’s easy to pick up, but difficult to master. Players must guide a ball through a side-scrolling obstacle course, pivotting it left and right to avoid obstacles. Various geometric shapes rapidly enter the screen, forcing players to stay on their toes. The ball can be maneuvered 360 degrees in a circle, and the longer players survive, the faster the screen scrolls.

ABC MouseABC Mouse:

ABC Mouse an interactive online learning destination designed for pre-Kindergarten and early elementary school children. With over 3000 different activities across various subject-specific content, the site offers a host of fun and immersive learning opportunities. Through comprehensive step-by-step scaffolding and both independent and guided learning, children will be able to match their lessons to their current learning level.


Directr is a movie-making app that helps users easily shoot, edit, and direct their own videos. Unlike other video-creation apps like Vine and Instagram, there is no time limit on video length, allowing users to create movies of any length. Directr best lends itself to short montages, travelogues, and step-by-step guides, and serves as a great entry-level program for kids looking to learn the basics of video editing.

Fish HooksFish Hooks:

Fish Hooks is a physics-based puzzle game that takes the player on an underwater journey. Starring characters from Disney’s hit show, Freshwater High, players take control of Milo the fish, navigating environments and popping bubbles in an effort to reach each level’s exit. For an added bonus, players can capture all 3 apples scattered across each stage. A great, fun way to get kids using their problem-solving skills as they solve the game’s unique brain-teasing aquatic puzzles. 


For parents of children with busy schedules, Any.offers an excellent, visually-appealing app perfect for getting kids ready to start learning good Time Management skills. The app’s minimalistic design is straightforward and simple, allowing users to file tasks into “tomorrow,” “upcoming,” or “someday.” Reminders for important tasks can be set, and different levels of importance can be assigned to various tasks, A handy calendar view mode allows users to easily organize a schedule by dragging different tasks into specific time slots.

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