Games for the Brain: Improve Your Memory Playing Video Games

Games to Improve Working Memory

If you find that you forget things easily or can’t follow more than one direction at a time, you might want to play some more video games. Not just any video games, but video games that force you to memorize more and more things. If you do it right, you actually can improve your memory playing video games. But, don’t just play video games; exercise really hard for 1 hour per day (it improves your learning and concentration for the next 4 hours) and eat brain foods like blueberries and salmon.

Scientists have proven that you can improve your memory playing video games. You will have to choose the games carefully, though, and we can help you do that — simply search our games and apps pages for memory games. When you improve your memory, you’ll probably be better able to pay attention, improve your reading comprehension, and it may even see improvements in other areas of learning, such as math computation or learning a musical instrument.

Tips for using video games to improve your memory:

1.) Explore genres. Play a variety of different games to work on many types of memory, including:

  • Puzzle games such as Echochrome and Professor Layton force you to solve logic puzzles where memory plays a big role. Continued exercises like these can improve your memory.
  • Fighting games like Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Tekken 6  require that you remember all the button combinations and moves for your own character and as well as your opponent’s special moves.
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  • Adventure games such as The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night require that you recall where certain items, characters or doors are located in the game so that you can return and get them to advance the game. There are also a variety of abilities players learn, which commonly have applications in previous areas of the game, causing players to engage working memory as they retrace steps back to those spots.

2.) Don’t overdo it on the video games. Vigorous exercise, good sleeping patterns, and a healthy diet are even more important tools for improving your memory.

3.) Boost memory at school. Practicing your memory at school in reading comprehension and math word problems will actually continue to exercise your brain and memory skills.

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7 thoughts on “Games for the Brain: Improve Your Memory Playing Video Games

  1. Wow this is amazing memorizing button combinations can also help with school work and concentration only if played in reasonable amounts of time. This reminds me of exercising and eating healthy which is mentioned in tip #2. Are there any other common games out there that kids can benefit from? I would love to know more.

  2. I want to try Sf and Tekken, but Im too much of a scrub for those games. I dont understand the games, so I just take Mk because its simple and easy to understand. Maybe one day I’ll try to really get into the games.

  3. Marvel Comics themed Death Battle Suggestions:
    1. Lizard (Marvel Comics) VS Killer Croc (DC Comics).
    2. Black Widow (Marvel Comics) VS Baroness (GI Joe).
    3. Luke Cage (Marvel Comics) VS Jax Briggs (Mortal Kombat).
    4. Gambit (Marvel Comics) VS Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter).
    5. Punisher (Marvel Comics) VS Max Payne (Max Payne).
    6. Solomon Grundy (DC Comics) VS Juggernaut (Marvel Comics).
    7. Sandman (Marvel Comics) VS Crocodile (One Piece).
    8. Iceman (Marvel Comics) VS Aokiji (One Piece).
    9. Blade (Marvel Comics) VS Alucard (Hellsing).
    10. Kingpin (Marvel Comics) VS Roman Torchwick (RWBY).
    11. Galactus (Marvel Comics) VS Unicron (Transformers).
    12. Qrow Branwen (RWBY) VS Domino (Marvel Comics).

  4. I actually cant believe how satisfied I am with this list, it´s like every choice was like: Yeah… I can see that.
    Not 100% on board with the ranking but with the choices.

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