Wii Sports: Boxing

This sports game helps with Flexibility, Self-Control and Focus and is recommended for kids ages 7+.

Getting Emotional about Playing Video Games

We know that playing video games with your child is a great opportunity for bonding and relationship building. Studies like those done by Bringham Young University have shown this in research, and any parent who has spent a good few hours playing with their kids has experienced it firsthand. Just as important as this type of bonding, however, are the ways that you can use this playtime to model […]

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

This adventure game helps with Focus, Working Memory, Self-Control and Reading, and is recommended to kids 12+

Thinking Skills

Here at LearningWorks for Kids, we use video games and other digital technologies to improve¬†eight core¬†thinking skills: Focus, Flexibility, Organization, Planning, Self-Awareness, Self-Control, Time Management, and Working Memory. Our thinking […]

Top 5 Apps for Children with ADHD This Christmas

Stockings are sure to be stuffed with iTunes cards this holiday season, as Apple continues to release newer versions of their latest products. This Christmas, put the gift cards to […]

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

This exciting adventure game helps kids with Self-Control, Flexibility and Focus, and is recommended for ages 10+.

Fruit Ninja

This Action game helps improve Self-Control and Focus, and is recommended for kids ages 4+.

Crush the Castle Players Pack

This puzzle game helps with Flexibility and Self-Control, and is recommended for kids ages 12+.

Chibi Knight

This action adventure game helps with Focus and Self-Control, and is recommended for kids ages 7+.