Wii Sports: Baseball

LQ: 8.3


Brain grade: 8
Fun score: 8.6

Game Type: , ESRB Rating: Everyone Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: , ,

In this game players simulate pitching baseballs and swinging a bat using the Wii Remote. The game plays more like a home-run derby, with gameplay solely focused on pitching and hitting (base running and fielding is automated). Players can change the swing of their bat by adjusting their angle and power, and pitches can adjust their movements by holding down different buttons and swinging the Wii Remote forward at different speeds. The game features no inappropriate content and the controls are easy and intuitive, making it appropriate for players ages 6 and up.



A key component to winning in this game is too switch up your approach. If players toss the same pitch over and over, their strategy will become easy to predict and thus easy to defeat. When at bat, players need to be able to quickly adapt to different pitches, knowing how to react to curveballs, sliders, change-ups, fastballs, and even knuckle balls.


In order to time swings just right, players need to remain highly focused on the pitcher's movements and the speed of the ball. Swing to early and you could get a foul ball, while waiting too long results in a strike. In order to maximize the power of their swing and time it just right, players need to watch the pitcher and keep their eyes trained intently on the ball.


Response inhibition plays a big role when trying to time swings, as the pitcher will try to throw players off by alternating between slow and past pitches. Rather than impulsively swinging the bat, players need to pause briefly in order to asses the pitch and swing accordingly. Players that act impulsively may end up swinging too early and find themselves striking out.

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