Toca Robot Lab

Toca Robot Lab is another “digital toy” in the Toca Boca library. Users are tasked with creating robots by selecting legs, a body, each arm, and a head and then field testing their newly constructed design.

Toca House

In Toca House, users meet a home full of unique characters, each with their own chore or task that needs accomplishing around the house.

Toca Kitchen

Toca Kitchen is an app for Apple devices that offers a fun way for children to “play kitchen” on-the-go.

Gaming Vocabulary for Parents: Sandbox Game

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Module 3: Executive Functions and Thinking Skills

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Video Game Addiction: Is Your Child a Problematic, Passionate, Engaged, or Normal Gamer?

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Video Games Build Social Emotional Learning Skills

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How Video Games Can Improve Social Emotional Learning, Resilience, and Positive Psychology Skills

Can playing video games and using technologies produce a sense of well-being and meaningful satisfaction for kids?

21st-Century technology has the potential to enrich the quality of people‚Äôs lives, not […]