Toca Kitchen

LQ: 7.8


Brain grade: 6.7
Fun score: 8.8

Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 3+ Thinking Skills Used: , ,

Toca Kitchen allows users to play and learn about food from your iPhone or iPad. Users can slice, mix, boil, fry, and prepare food in any way they please, without rules or restrictions. Toca Kitchen features four different characters to prepare food for, each with unique facial expressions and reactions to help users determine if the character enjoys the prepared foods. Users can also download the Toca Kitchen Monsters app, which acts as a small expansion to Toca Kitchen and features two new unique characters to serve. Toca Kitchen allows users to explore cooking and discover what happens when you fry a lemon, or mix mushrooms and carrots. Toca Kitchen is a fun way for children to get interested in food and explore without risk of wasting food or creating mess. This app requires little to no reading, has easy to understand controls, and is appropriate for any user ages 3 and up.



Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

Toca Kitchen offers users a number of ways to practice their Flexibility thinking skill. The game features a number of different foods which can be prepared in a variety of styles. Users are tasked with providing different characters meals they will enjoy, and to do this, users must try different combinations of food and preparation methods, gauging the characters' facial expressions and reactions to determine their food preferences. With a number of options for foods and preparation methods, users can experiment with a large variety of options and approaches before discovering the correct combinations.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

Users are given a number of options pertaining to the food in the refrigerator. These foods can be prepared by boiling, frying, blending, slicing, or microwaving. Because each character prefers different foods prepared using unique methods, users need to plan out the right steps when making their meals in advance, as to ensure the right dish is achieved. For example, if one character enjoys sausage, users can determine the best method for cooking sausage as well as select appropriate side dishes. As users must begin to learn each character's preferences, so the menu can be expanded and experimented with, allowing for the planning and creation of new and unique meals.

Toca Kitchen can help users practice Flexibility and Planning. Try some of our suggestions below, or submit your own experiences in the comment field at the bottom of the page.

Flexibility Activity

Work with your child to create unique and enticing meals for each of the characters. Because each character has different preferences, your child will need to experiment with ingredients and preparation methods in order to determine which meal the character will enjoy most. Learning from unsuccessful meals is just as important as learning from success. Your child should consider what ingredients the character disliked. Is there another preparation method that would suit this food better? Are there side dishes that would better accompany the main dish? Let your child try different foods and different preparation methods to find which methods make the most sense with different foods and which dishes garner the best reactions from the characters.

Planning Activity

Have your child create a "menu" before beginning to prepare a meal. Your child should consider what the main dish is, how it will be prepared, as well as which side dishes and preparation methods would suit this dish best. After practicing in Toca Kitchen work with your child to prepare a family meal based on some of the ingredients in the app. Together, create a menu and discuss the ways in which the meal will be prepared in your own kitchen. Your child can try to replicate the real meal in the app while you prepare the meal in the kitchen. Compare the results and methods of the real meal to those in the app. Did planning ahead make preparing the real meal easier? Were there better or worse methods to preparing certain dishes? What would your child change if the same meal were to be prepared again?

Tips for Using Toca Kitchen in the Classroom

Toca Kitchen can be a fun way to introduce pre-school and early elementary students to a balanced diet and cooking. Below are a couple ways to implement Toca Kitchen in your classroom; let us know what you think in the comment field at the bottom of the page.

  • Have students work with a partner to create a meal to share with the class. They should be given visual and oral instructions to guide them step by step, so that using Toca Kitchen does not become a "free for all." For example, give students guiding steps; first, choose two foods to "mix" together, then choose another verb (like frying or baking).
  • Project Toca Kitchen onto the board and call on students to make selections. Before processing the ingredients, have students make predictions on their own or within groups about what will happen if you use a certain cooking strategy (What do you think will happen if I boil a carrot and lemon?).

Toca Kitchen is just one of many "digital toys" available from Toca Boca. Try some of the other Toca Boca apps listed below and let us know which ones are your favorite in the comment field at the bottom of the page.

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