Songza is a versatile and powerful music streaming service for web and mobile devices. The app is designed to give users the perfect playlist of music for nearly any mood, situation, or time of day.


Combining a dictionary with a thesaurus, the app gives users a powerful reference tool on the go, allowing words to be search via text or voice, and allowing users to view “trending” searches in their area.


BrainPOP is a web-based educational resource that provides helpful animated videos, interactive games and online assessments pertaining to a slew of academic areas, from reading and writing to math, science and engineering.


Xtranormal is a great tool for creating fun and unique animations, quickly and easily. It is designed for all users, and helps encourage writing and story telling.


StumbleUpon is a fun website for discovering new things on the web. Users hit the “Stumble” button, and are connected to a web resource that could be anything from an article on the latest scientific discovery, to a YouTube video of a sneezing panda!


WhyVille is a very popular “edu-gaming” site designed to allow children and adolescents interact and learn together.


Rhapsody is a music streaming and downloading service that allows users to browse an enormous database of albums and artists from a computer or mobile device.


Rdio is a music streaming application for personal computers and mobile devices. Users can search for specific artists, albums, or songs as well as browse the application’s popular and trending music.


WikiHow is a online do-it-yourself resource that offers step-by-steps guides for tackling a wide range of tasks. Like Wikipedia, all content is user-created, and can be edited by anyone.

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