How Much Screen Time is Good for Kids?

How much screen time is good for kids? Parents who use the “anytime, anything, anyplace” approach essentially do not set limits on their children’s use of video games and other […]

An Hour a Day: How Much Screen Time is Good for Kids?

My clinical work with parents allows me to learn about various strategies that parents use in moderating their children’s involvement with video games and other digital technologies. So, how much […]

Managing Winter Break Screen Time

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The Gaming Overload Workbook: 5 Suggestions for Teens to Manage Their Screen Time

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Understanding Children’s Screen Time: Books for Parents and Professionals

Children’s screen time is a major mental and physical health concern for parents.  As a result, childcare professionals including pediatricians, child psychologists and psychiatrists, social workers, family health specialists, and […]

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Whom Should We Believe about Screen Time: American or British Pediatricians?

There appears a difference in screen time guidelines put forth in America and the UK

In a recent statement published by the Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health in […]

Do Kids Learn From Video Game and Screen Time?

Throughout the 1990’s and the first decade of the 21st century, most educators,  pediatricians, psychologists, and other child care professionals viewed video-game play as a waste of time. While early […]

Do I Need To Set Limits On My Child’s Screen Time?

One of the most difficult tasks of 21st-century parenting is setting limits on your child’s screen time. Screens are incredibly immersive, alluring, and potentially addictive. Because screen time is generally […]