Expert Advice on Setting Screen Time Limits

Sometimes the best advice you get is from an expert whose specialty complements your own. I recently had that opportunity while talking with my friend and technology guru, Eric Therrien. […]

Tools and Apps to Enforce Screen Time Limits

Basic strategies for effective limits on technology. While we still prefer a global strategy such as a healthy “Play Diet”, many kids and families need a more structured approach. Links to many other articles about setting limits on screen time.

Setting Limits: Screen Time and the Individual Child

“One size doesn’t fit all.” When it comes to setting screen time limits, this is very true. Some kids are not interested enough in technology to make it a concern […]

Setting Limits: Limiting Screen Time by Scheduling

There are set times for school, sports practices, and after-school programs. It’s not so odd to start scheduling game time as well. Scheduling is one of the most common methods […]

Setting Limits: Limiting Children’s Screen Time Through Curation

What if you thought of yourself as the custodian of your child’s entertainment library? Curating, or choosing, the type of content your children can access is one approach to limiting […]

Screen Time: How Much Screen Time is Good for Kids?

Should you restrict your children’s access to video games and screen time or let them play as much as they want?  How much screen time is good for kids? These […]

No Screen Time at All: How Much Screen Time is Good for Kids?

No screen time at all can be an extreme proposition, especially when it comes to digital kids. It may also be counterproductive to learning and acquiring job skills. But some parents have […]

Simply another activity: How Much Screen Time is Good for Kids?

How much screen time is good for kids? An increasingly common approach to the children’s screen time is one that views technology as simply another activity in the life of […]

Just Educational Games: How Much Screen Time is Good for Kids?

How Much Screen Time is Good for Kids? One approach many parents have taken to setting screen time for video games and other digital media is to allow their children […]

How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

How much screen time is too much? One of the more common approaches to structuring children’s use of video games and other technologies is to allow them access after […]