3 Great Games for ADHD

Welcome to Great Games for ADHD, LWK’s recurring digest featuring the best games for kids with ADHD / ADD.

Here, we highlight recent additions to our games section deemed particularly helpful for […]

3 Great Apps for ADHD

There are thousands of apps and tools to wade through in today’s digital landscape. Here at LWK, our goal is to help you make sense of it.

Welcome to […]

Apps for Autism and Aspergers

Kids with Autistic Spectrum Disorders often have a difficult time expressing themselves in social situations and during face-to-face interactions. These difficulties can be quite frustrating, and can make it extremely hard for family and friends to feel like they really know what’s going on in an ASD kid’s mind. By using blogging software like WordPress to express themselves online, kids with Autism and Aspergers can connect with the people in their lives in a safe, engaging, and more comfortable environment.

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