Summer Writing Tips for Kids

Writing is often the most difficult academic task for struggling learners. Not only does it require basic reading and spelling skills, it relies upon organization, planning, sustained focus, and fine motor skills to produce even a basic writing assignment. For many children with learning and attention difficulties, writing doesn’t come easy, but luckily, there a variety of fun apps and games available that help make the task easier, and whole lot more fun.

Our Summer Writing Guide offers a variety of fun activities to improve writing skills which do not have any risk of failure, and fit a range of ages and abilities. This fantastic batch of websites, games and apps can dramatically improve children’s writing skills and, best of all, you won’t have to fight to keep them interested. Our writing prescriptions combine digital media with family activities and exercises to improve your child’s writing skills and, in turn, create a more motivated learner. Read on for a layout of our approach.

Embrace Alternative Learning. A large percentage of children with dysgraphia — or, written language disabilities — display difficulties with the simple act of handwriting, so it is often a very useful intervention to teach them alternative skills such as typing or dictation. If your child is a messy writer or takes a very long time to complete writing assignments, we strongly encourage you to start teaching typing or dictation skills.

A smartphone or tablet offers many viable options, and for children who become upset at the prospect of writing by hand, doing something as simple as learning how to text message may prove beneficial. Even if they’re not old enough to have their own cellphone, teach them to use your phone to text a sibling or relative as a simple first step in practicing writing skills.

Be Engaged. Summer activities that promote story-telling are a great way to encourage basic writing. Even simple games on a car trip, such as making a list of animals or signs that your children see via a “Notes” application on your cellphone can be an fun, easy writing task. Going on vacations, visiting relatives in another state, and doing something that is adventurous will prompt your child to want to capture and organize a story, two key components of good writing. Look to our writing guide for great tips on fun family activities that are sure get kids ready to write.

Get Moving! Physical exercise can improve focus, working memory, and learning, helping to support developmental writing skills. Outdoor activities and exercises can provide many opportunities for story-telling, note-taking or charting one’s progress. For example, going on a hike and using a digital voice recorder or dictation app can be a great way to easily record observations. Then, your child can put together later to tell a short story. Even recapping a sports game can get kids taking on the role of a sportscaster, practicing the basic story-telling and creative writing skills.

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