Draw Something 2

Draw Something is a word-based puzzle game much like Pictionary, which helps kids with Self-Awareness, Planning and Writing.


Smurks is a simplistic app designed to help users express thoughts, opinions, and emotions in digital communications using cartoon facial expressions.


MonkeyThinks is an app designed to help young children develop their vocabulary during the beginning stages of speech.

Picture Planner

Picture Planner is a web service and mobile app designed to introduce basic scheduling techniques to children who have learning disabilities, and may be especially helpful for children affected by […]


See.Touch.Learn is a great educational tool for Alternative Learners. This app replaces and enhances the traditional picture card teaching method,¬†helping users learn new words and ideas through visual and auditory […]

Toca House

In Toca House, users meet a home full of unique characters, each with their own chore or task that needs accomplishing around the house.


Bitsboard combines a number of strategies for teaching alternative learners into one versatile and customizable app.

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