Pandora is a free online radio that allows users to create customized stations based on their favorite artists or genres.


Wunderlist is a free web based and mobile app for managing tasks and creating lists.


Spotify is a free app that can be used to play, stream, and search for music, as well as organize libraries into personalized playlists. Spotify is recommended for children ages six and older.

Google Earth

Google Earth is an incredible global satellite imagery tool for exploring the Earth. Users can easily click anywhere on the globe and explore that region of the world, either close […]


Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image manipulation and photo editing program available for both Windows and Mac. The program offers an enormous range of options, features, and tools for altering […]


GIMP allows users to manipulate and edit photos, enhance colors and add stylistic filters using an array of tools and options.


AIM (AOL Instant Messanger) is a chatting service that helps with Self-Awareness, Self-Control and Writing, and can be useful for children with ASD.


The Nook is an e-reader that allows users to search, preview, download, and read digital books. Developed by Barnes & Noble, the¬†Nook¬†offers an expansive online selection of e-books, magazines, news […]

Movie Maker

Movie Make is a video editing program for PC computers, allowing users to customize their film projects.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a very popular word-processing software for creating a wide range of text-based documents.

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