Daily Art


Daily Art is an app that introduces users to one new work of art each day. The user can set reminders to check the app by enabling push notifications […]

Vocab for the ACT ® Test


Vocab for the ACT ® Test is an app designed to help users memorize over 2500 words that could appear on the ACT. The app features a list so […]

Endless Learner


Endless Learning is an app to help your child learn preschool to elementary school-level topics using the touch screen interface on your device. The app asks for the age […]

Spark Reading for Kids


Spark Reading for Kids is an app designed to promote reading skills and STEM Literacy in children ages six to sixteen. When opening the app, the user will be […]

Endless Spanish


Endless Spanish introduces your child to 101 Spanish sight words using fun and colorful animations and sound. There are two options available before your child starts using the app: […]

Animal Sounds


Animal Sounds is an app that is designed by Papumba to help your young child take their first steps into learning animal names and the sounds they make. Children […]

Learn English


Learn English is a language learning app that is designed by Papumba to help young non-English speaking children take their first steps into learning English through vocabulary and games. […]

Crayola Colorful Creatures


Crayola Colorful Creatures is an app for preschool aged children where they can explore colors, animals, and play fun games to help them learn focusing skills. When the app […]

Endless Wordplay


Endless Wordplay is an early reading and rhyming app for children ages 4 and up. The child opens the app and clicks on a spot on a map to […]

Learn Math Facts


Learn Math Facts is an app designed to help build up your math skills across different operations and levels of difficulty. When the user opens the app, they can […]

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