Toca Hair Salon

LQ: 7.8


Brain grade: 7.2
Fun score: 8.4

Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 3+ Thinking Skills Used: , ,

In Toca Hair Salon users are tasked with using a variety of tools and customizable options to give an assortment of clients a new hair style. Users accompish this task using things like scissors, electric razors, a hair growing solution, dyes, combs, and other tools. Characters in the app will express their appreciation or distaste of new hair styles through funny facial expressions, which users must read to assure they end up with a pleasing hairdo. Users can experiment with a number of hair styles before settling on one that works, and can save and share their creations using an in-app camera to snap a photograph of their work. Toca Hair Salon is also available with a free Christmas-themed expansion featuring Santa Claus and a personified Christmas Tree. This app contains no inappropriate content, utilizes easy-to-learn controls, and is recommended for any kids ages 3 to 9.



Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

toca hairBased on their client's reactions to different techniques, users of Toca Hair Salon must experiment with their approach until they find a style that pleases each individual client. For example, some clients like to be clean-cut and trimmed, while others will frown when too much hair is removed (In the holiday edition, Santa Claus seems wholly unsatisfied without his beard). Players must adjust their style and technique to achieve the most satisfied customers, as using the same methods client-to-client yields unsavory results. Requiring users to read character reactions encourages them to take an open-ended approach and adjust to the whims of each character they encounter.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals.

Before beginning a haircut, to achieve a cohesive final product, users should plan their approach. Whether the client will receive a quick and simple trim, a full shave, or a quick hair dye job, users must plan where and how to apply different tools and options. Though mistakes are reversible and players can always start over, achieving the desired haircut requires users to exercise some forethought and planning.

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in our mind while working.

The app contains a number of real-world tools including scissors, trimmers, and dyes, as well as some imaginary and fantastic tools, such as a special solution that rapidly regrows hair in every direction, and learning the uses of the different tools and options requires some degree of memorization. To achieve the greatest results in Toca Hair Salon, users must learn the function of each individual tool as well as where and how it is best applied. Not only will users learn the function of the tools within the app, but Toca Hair Salon can help users familiarize themselves with the real-world counterpart to each of these tools, especially helpful for very young users.

Your child can practice being creative by giving clients fun and unique haircuts, while offering some opportunities for highlighting the basic tenants of Planning and Working Memory. Try some of our activities or let leave us a comment detailing how you made this app work for you. 

Flexibility Activity

toca hair possibilitiesPlay Toca Hair Salon with your child and ask him or her to complete a few specific tasks. Each time your child begins to work with a new tool, or makes a change to a clients hair style, the character will react with a funny facial expression or sound. Your child should try to make note of and recognize these facial expressions as they can indicate how the client currently feels about the haircut he or she is receiving. When the character's facial expression changes ask your child what the change indicates. How does the client currently feel and what indicators are present to express this information? Work with you child to adjust strategies when the client is not satisfied with one technique, or understand when to continue working in the same direction to keep a client pleased.

Planning Activity

Help your child develop a basic outline and plan for the haircut before beginning work. Before beginning work on a new client in Toca Hair Salontry to develop ideas for what your child wants to accomplish with each new client. Will your child give a simple trim? A shave and hair dye? Develop a basic design for the clients new hairstyle with your child. This can include a small sketch of a potential final product, or simply asking your child to describe what needs to be done to achieve a specific look. Ask your child to describe which tools will be used, in what order, and how they will be applied.

Working Memory Activity

Help your child build connections between the Toca Hair Salon world and the real world. Explore and discover the different uses and effects of each of the hair tools in the app. Next, collect some of the tools used in the game in your home. Help your child connect the use of the real world items to their digital counterparts. Though the real tools may not function and behave exactly as they do in the app, your child can develop an understanding of the tools' uses in the real world, using their digital counterpart as a reference tool. After you've gone through all the available tools together, quiz your child on the use and application of each.

Toca Hair Salon is just one of many "digital toys" created by Toca Boca. Try some of the alternatives below and let us know which apps are your favorite in the comment field at the bottom of the page. 

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