Toca Builders

LQ: 8.7


Brain grade: 9
Fun score: 8.4

Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: 5+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Toca Builders is a sandbox game (similar to Minecraft) that allows kids to build structures using the unique skill sets of six different Toca Boca characters. Consistent with the open-play concept of all of the “digital toys” in the Toca Boca series, Toca Builders takes place in a 3-dimensional block world where users adapt to the game’s functionality at their own pace and in their own way. We urge users to spend a few minutes with each character. This will help familiarize them with different controls and movements. Some characters roll on a ball while others move through the grid in a more robotic, predictable way. Users can build their own worlds, recreate favorite structures (within the strictures of the game), or simply scatter blocks for pure enjoyment. While most Toca Boca games are best suited for children in preschool or kindergarten, we recommend Toca Builders to users who are 5 and older, as it is a bit more difficult to grasp.



june01There are six characters in Toca Builders -- each with a unique skill. Cooper the Ball paints the ground by rolling over it, Blox the Hammer lays blocks and has the ability to crush them, Connie the Crane picks up blocks and can place them in high places, Vex the Jumper can put down blocks while jumping (great for staircases), Jum-Jum the Painter can paint any surface, and Stretch the Tall can place blocks in mid air (perfect for roofs).  In order to build a sound and visually pleasing structure, it's best to switch between all six characters. Even the way the characters move is different: the crane moves like a crab and is controlled by a wheel while the hammer moves laterally, one block at a time. Users should experiment with each character for a few minutes to master each individual's moves and skills. Toca Builders is a great asset to the flexibility thinking skill, as it gives kids the opportunity to experiment and adapt their play strategy as they use new characters and techniques.


toca-builders-ipad-9Haphazardly placing blocks and aimlessly ambling though the 3D world of Toca Builders won't amuse your child for long. Get the most out of Toca Builders by using the app to its full potential. To do so, begin with a plan. What will you build? How big will the structure be? It's probably best to start with the foundation. What color should the blocks be? Then, use each character for the job that they do best. For example, Vex the Jumper is best used for roofs -- and there's really no need for him until that point in the building process. Using the proper characters is another important planning strategy, as it helps players become more efficient builders.

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