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Brain grade: 9.2
Fun score: 9.4

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Shine is a self-care and meditation app designed to help the user calm their anxieties, get to the root of their emotions and actions, and find some strategies for feeling gratitude and inner peace. Every day that you log into the app, you can check in with how you are feeling. In a text-conversation format, the app will provide you with some prompts to answer about why you are feeling this particular way. It will then ask you what you want to do with these feelings. You can free write, listen to a meditation session, read some articles on the subject of self-care, or even choose an option called “talk it out.” This will continue the chat-like conversation with the app, asking you to further define your feelings and how best to manage them. Users can then go back to the menu and choose other options if they want to continue exploring their feelings, or they can end the session and come back another time. Users can check in multiple times during a day, so if something happens in the evening that changes your mood, you can still log in and work through those feelings. 

Users can also access other self-care exercises within the app, such as the Question of the Day. The response the user provides will be posted along with those of other Shine users and reading the responses can provide feelings of gratitude or understanding. The app also features meditations for the morning, afternoon, and evening. 

Shine is free but certain services require an in-app purchase. It is currently available for Android and iOS. 

Shine helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Self-Awareness: Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

Understanding our own thoughts and actions is the first step to being able to change what we don’t like about them. So apps like Shine can help us do this with their guided writing prompts and check-in sessions. Even if a user struggles with self-awareness and has a hard time putting their emotions into words, the app does a great job of drawing these feelings out with prompts that allow for reflection. For users who struggle with self-awareness, checking in at least once a day to start with and completing just one of the check-in options can be a way of starting to build up this skill. 

Self-Control: Managing our actions, feelings and behaviors.

Once we understand our actions and emotions better, we can begin to actively make choices to alter our patterns. Shine can help with this by using the articles and guided meditations on the app. Reading an article about how to feel gratitude can put the user in the correct mind frame the next time they feel like they were cheated out of something or that they don’t have as much as the next person. Nighttime meditations can help us process anxieties before bedtime and allow us to put these feelings into perspective. For users who struggle with self-control, starting off with one article or meditation session a day can help build up good habits for activities to pursue when certain emotions get the better of us. 

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