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Brain grade: 7.6
Fun score: 8.6

Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Repix is an iOS photo editing app which allow users to control nearly every aspect of an image before it is published. Instead of the filter that is used by popular photo apps like Instagram and Powercam, Repix utilizes a series of brushes that enable users to concentrate their efforts on certain portions of their pictures. The free version features 11 different styled brushes and additional color packs can be purchased through the app for $1.99. In terms of functionality and user control, Repix supersedes most other camera apps, as they can get very creative during the editing process. The focus is on “remixing” photos, not simply taking them. Users can even zoom in and stylize specific angles and details to make handcrafted, artistic photos that will stand out. The app also allows users to immediately upload their choice images to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Although highly functional, Repix is fairly easy to use and is recommended for children ages 6 and older.

this app is good for kids who need help with:


Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

Repix encourages the use of a variety of brushes when remixing and editing a picture. The app fosters exploration, as even the editing and erasing tools are given their own brushes. If users are unhappy with an effect they can very easily erase or undo their changes until the picture is restored to its original form. But it is more than simply exploring the various features of the photo editing app that make Repix great for exercising flexible thinking. Users should try each effect like outlining, cartoon, and charcoal on different sections of their images. Outlining is great for highlighting sharp boarders, silhouettes, and even prominent facial features, while cartoon and charcoal brushes are probably better suited for nuancing the background. A trial and error editing process is encouraged, as users will often realize that a certain brush is better suited for another part of the picture. Zooming in can be extremely helpful for fine-tuning parts of an image that would not be accessable in traditional viewing. Repix allows users to adapt their photos to their vision, rather than the other way around. Users are able to freely shift between brushes, sometimes using more than five to achieve their desired effect. Mistakes are easy to remedy, as the erase and undo feature can revert back to the previous brush stroke. Improvisation and adapting to new filtering elements are skills that users will master while using Repix.


Developing a systematic approach for setting and achieving goals. Improving short-term planning.

images (6)Repix also features a camera which allows users to directly import their pictures to the app. While experimentation and a creative outlook will likely result in a good picture, it is also important for users to plan a specific themed approach for each picture. While the approach is subject to change, users will be better picture planners, and more acutely aware of good photo opportunities if they begin with a goal in mind. For example if it is a sunny day, users should try to accentuate the "bright" theme with an image that captures the glare of the sun off a car or a green tree. Users who are able to conceptualize a photograph prior to taking it, will have a much easier time applying filters and edits. Planning is an essential part of photography, as users must take into account the lighting, angle, rule of thirds, subject, as well as many other elementary techniques before deciding on a shot. While Repix is primarily an editing tool, users should not forget the planning stages necessary for a quality photo.

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