PBS Parents Play & Learn HD

LQ: 8.6


Brain grade: 8.7
Fun score: 8.5

Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 1–7 Thinking Skills Used: ,

PBS Parents Play & Learn HD is an app designed to help parents make everyday experiences into valuable learning opportunities for young children. The app comes with a number of mini-games focusing around an assortment of daily or common activities, such as grocery shopping, bath time, going to the park, or eating in a restaurant. Mini-games can be played in “easy” or “hard” modes and include suggestions for parents on how to play the game and provide the best opportunities to turn play time into learning time. The app also includes suggestions for activities and parenting tips for outside of the game. These activities are separated by age range and can provide support in teaching young children how to count, do basic math, recognize words and letters, as well as exercise numerous additional everyday skills. PBS Parents Play & Learn HD is free to download, comes equipped with a Spanish mode, and is perfect for parents of toddlers, and is recommended for use with ages 1 to 7.



Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

PBS 1PBS Parents Play & Learn provides users with a number of unique opportunities to turn everyday tasks and activities into valuable learning experiences. The instructions often prompt an adult to draw attention to the necessary steps of completing a task, other smaller tasks required to complete a task, or encourage the development of other skills. Each activity is designed to hold a young child's attention while creating an opportunity for developing useful skills. Whether playing a mini-game that requires the user to listen to and follow specific instructions, or learning from a parent's instructions, PBS Parents Play & Learn can help young users exercise their Focus thinking skills across a variety of tasks and activities.


Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

The wide range of content offered by PBS Parents Play & Learn affords users an opportunity to learn everyday skills in a variety of ways. For example, playing the "Balloon Flight" mini-game asks users to repeat the same action following a new set of instructions each time. Players must place a colorful balloon in the correct location based on audio prompts. Other suggested activities provide users with ways to learn body parts, basic math, or language skills through a number of different avenues. Adapting to new instructions, situations, or scenarios while working to learn a specific skill can help users maximize their play time by learning life skills while also exercising some adaptive thinking.

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