Mini-Guide: Disney Story Realms

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Brain grade: 8.9
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Disney Story Realms
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Disney Story Realms is an app that blends reading books with playing short digital games. Each story comes with a book to read and multiple games you can play. One of the free books, for example, is Beauty and the Beast. The app tells how long the book is, what age kids it is geared to, what characters are in the story, and what games are available. The user can choose to read the book or play the games. When reading Beauty and the Beast, the book is broken into chapters. This allows the user to skip to favorite parts or read it across multiple sittings. To play the games, the user moves Belle around her village and discovers things like puzzles, word searches, dress up, and other simple games.

Disney Story Realms has a small amount of free content, as well as subscriptions to unlock the rest of the books. The ESRB rated it E for Everyone and LW4K stands by this rating. Stories available include princesses, Mickey and Friends, and even Disney Pixar movies like Toy Story. There are also collections such as “Holiday Stories” or “Spooky Stories”.

Disney Story Realms helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

FocusDisney Story Realms

Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

Whether the user is reading one of the books or playing one of the mini-games, they will need to use their focus skills. Since the mini-games are all short, they will be using short-term focus, ignoring both internal and external distractions for short amounts of time. The books all have varying lengths, which means that the user’s focus will be stretched and practiced at varying lengths. No matter what the user does, they will be using their focus skills.

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in our minds while working.

While individual mini-games may use different thinking skills, every game in this app uses working memory by asking the user to remember and follow directions. Each game has a different set of instructions. If the user doesn’t remember what the rules are for a mini-game, they won’t be able to complete the game.

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