Loop Recorder

LQ: 8


Brain grade: 7
Fun score: 9

Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Loop Recorder is an 8 track music recording app with only 2 functions: record and playback. It’s a simple app to wrap one’s head around, but using it to record a sample that will be of listenable quality will take some time. Loop Recorder is great for vocal harmonies, beatboxing, recording unique and real instruments, and making soundboards. Tap the record button once to bring up the recording menu. Press and hold one of the 8 colored circles to record a sound or double tap to record hands free. Loops can be preset to infinite repeat, as well. Being a fairly light app, users cannot save or send loops, nor can they record while listening to playback. However, it’s not a recording suite. Loop Recorder is meant to be a place for users to experiment and explore many different ways sounds are produced and recorded. And it’s a great way to practice the self-control and self awareness thinking skills. We recommend Loop Recorder to users 6 and up.



screen568x568Recording loops of vocal harmonies exercises the self awareness thinking. A "C" major is a fairly hummable note -- even for the seemingly tone def. Once users hum this note or any note they can sustain, they can begin to record. The second, third, and fourth recordings are the notes that will require self-awareness. Users have to channel a focus that allows them to remember the note they sung previously and then to either replicate it (for a double tracking effect) or harmonize with it, which is quite difficult when users cannot hear what they recorded in playback. However, it's not the focus or working memory skill at work here, it's self-awareness. Singing in tune requires users to be attuned to themselves. And that's the crux of self-awareness.


Singing harmony requires control over breath. Keeping good time requires rhythmic consistency. Recording a piece of music in any time signature and on pitch requires an incredible amount of self control -- especially when users are doing it on their own in Loop Recorder. Users cannot speed up or slow down even slightly when singing or providing percussion. For these reasons we find this app an asset to the self-control thinking skill, as it forces users to strive for precision in their recordings. Users who can keep good time as well as hold one note for a few seconds generally have a strong sense of self-control.

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