LQ: 8.75


Brain grade: 8.6
Fun score: 8.9

Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used: ,


Jour is a journaling app that focuses on writing as a form of mindfulness. When first logging into the app, the user is asked to choose a reason for wanting to journal. They are then guided through several questions that determine their anxiety level. Based on this score, the app will design journaling prompts for the user to answer. 

Users can check in each day with how they are feeling and click on adjectives to provide further information. The app will then ask them to specify what is causing them to feel this way–there are several options the user can choose from, ranging from Friends to School to Injustice. The app will then take them to a blank journal entry where they can either record audio for their journal or use tap typing to record their entries. For users who are not sure how to start, the app offers a few prompts that can be used to begin. 

In addition to journaling, the app also features various guided breathing exercises, emotion tracking and insights, and guided prompts based on topics such as self-affirmations, work-life balance, and relationships. 

Jour has a free seven day trial but once this expires, the user needs to subscribe to their annual service. 

Jour helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Self-Awareness: Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings

Journaling is one of the most effective ways to keep track of your emotions and their causes. The Jour journaling app takes this one step further and adds questions about the emotions you are experiencing and then asks you to choose the particular triggers for these emotions. After this, the app gives you prompts to get started writing about the experience. 

You can also use the emotional insight feature in the app to track how you have been feeling over a period of time. For people who struggle to understand the patterns in their behavior or why they are feeling a certain way, this type of journaling can be very helpful in identifying certain emotions and the reasons behind them. 

Self-Control: Managing our actions, feelings and behaviors.

Once a person has a better understanding of their emotions and the triggers behind them, they can begin to practice self-control. For users who need encouragement in this area, Jour has specific journaling questions designed to process emotions like anxiety. There is also a tab specifically for guided breathing exercises so that the user can begin to incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine. 

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