Go Go Games

LQ: 9


Brain grade: 9.3
Fun score: 8.6

Platform/Console: LWK Recommended Age: 4–12 Thinking Skills Used: ,

Go Go Games is an iPad app specifically aimed at helping young children — particularly those with autism spectrum disorders — learn basic visual differential skills in a fun, colorful atmosphere. The app displays an image (i.e., a train, car or spaceship) and tasks users with creating an identical visual match by choosing from a collection of similar materials. As players progress through each mini-game, the differences become more subtle and require comparison of an increasing number of distinct features. These differences are referred to as “distance” and players begin by comparing only one or two factors, then slowly work their way to more complex challenges involving greater distances. This game is a great tool for teaching observational skills and pattern detection, and the easy-to-use touch-based interface makes it easy for young children to use and enjoy. Due to the app’s targeted audience and ease-of-use, it is recommended for ages 4-12.

This app is good for kids who need help with:


Adapting and adjusting to changing conditions and expectations.

Players must maintain a level of Flexibility as the difficulty and “distance” between images increases. Relying on a single focal point for comparison, such as color, becomes impossible as the number and type of differences between imagery changes and increases throughout each mini-game. To succeed, players must be able to identify small differences and adapt to the changing conditions of the game, like an increase in the number of required identifications needed to complete a level. In Build-a-Train, for example, players must successfully match cars on a train. As the game progresses, the differences become more numerous and subtle, requiring players to adjust their strategies for identifying similarities and differences. Each game tasks players with a similar challenge presented in a new way, tasking them to exercise Flexibility in a number of unique settings with objects varying in size, shape, color, and pattern.


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks.

Go Go Games requires players to practice their Focus thinking skill while closely observing similar cartoon images and identify differences. As each mini-game progresses, differences increase in number and subtlety, requiring a corresponding escalation of concentration and attention. Failing to correctly pair two cartoons will reset the challenge, giving players a new set of images to compare.


In the Build-a-Train mini game, players are tasked with linking train cars together so they visually match the train at the top of the screen. Each train consists of an engine and three unique cars. Players are presented with a choice between two train cars and must discern which one perfectly matches the example. Proceeding in order, players must successfully focus on and match the details of each car in the example train until their train matches up.

Wheels & Roads:

In this game, a car or truck arrives at a three-way split in the road. Players must successfully guide each new vehicle down the correct path, matching the vehicle to one of the three road signs. Each car has a unique design, color, and driver, all of which are pictured on the correct road's sign. Success depends on players focusing on the details of each vehicle and carefully studying the signs to determine which picture matches the vehicle.

Out of This World:

This space-themed game presents players a happy alien on a spaceship, then gives them an empty ship upon which they recreate the creature. Selecting from five unique choices, players must construct a matching alien in the empty ship by selecting the correct clothing and body parts. Each alien is unique and players must successfully match the original alien's size, shape, color, and distinct features in order to successfully create a perfect match.

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