Endless Numbers

LQ: 8.4


Brain grade: 8.2
Fun score: 8.6

Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used:

Just like Endless Alphabet, Endless Numbers is an early-level education app that helps familiarize children with numbers. While the free version of the app only allows users to play with numbers “1” through “5,” an additional $4.99 allows users access all the way through number “25.” The way the Endless Numbers functions is very simple. First users must drag the numbers into its outline on a grid page. Next users must drag the digits solve a math problem, where a voice over narrates the user’s progress. The third stage urges users to wake one of the animations, by tapping on their eyes. In the final scene users watch the animated characters engage in an activity, where if users click on the screen, the number they are practicing appears like confetti at a party, while a narrator explains what’s happening. Endless Numbers helps users to visualize numbers, while helping them learn more engaging and interesting types of application. Since the app only allows users to practice numbers up to “25,” we recommend it for children from ages 3 to 6.

this app is good for kids who need help with:

 Working Memory

download (55)The way that Endless Numbers reinforces its content makes it great for strengthening working memory skills. Users are constantly working with the same numbers (1-5 in the free version), which ultimately helps make them more familiar with each numeral. For example, when users are asked to drag numbers into a corresponding outline, they are memorizing the relative size and shape of the digit. When they animation plays at the end of the round, users learns what the number they were working with represents. Endless Numbers is works to make users better with numbers and simple functions simply by asking them to complete a four-part, practice exercise that is very enjoyable, and perfect for young learners


screen568x568 (26)Each mini game requires a close attention to detail In order for users to fit the number into an outline, they must think about the shape of the number and the angle at which they must drag it where it should be. Even though the math problems that follow this exercise, while usually very easy, still make users practice focus, as they drag the correct digits and solution onto the screen. Finally it's important that users pay attention to the animations, as it can help them learn more about numbers -- especially since the animations are funny -- and introduce a less practical context to the subject.


Endless Numbers is really meant for young children, helping them develop a familiarity with the numeral system prior to entering kindergarten. Users who purchase the full version of the app will likely be well ahead of their peers, in early level education classes, when it comes to simple mental math, addition, subtraction, and most importantly, seeing math as as fun activity. That's what the silly animations are able to do. They introduce users to the engaging side of math, helping them to have fun with numbers as much as it teaches them about numbers.

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