Beats Music

LQ: 8.4


Brain grade: 7.8
Fun score: 9.0

Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: 12+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Beats Music is an app designed for streaming and sharing music, curating playlists, and personalizing the song selection process. It’s all about the user — and Beats Music makes that clear from the start. Once users create an account using either Facebook, Twitter, or an email address to sign up, they will be prompted to choose the type of music they like. Loose genres like “oldies,” “soul and funk,” and “indie” are among the myriad choices Beats Music presents. Users simply hold a genre to delete it and double tap to like it. Genres that are not deleted or liked will subtly affect the app’s algorithm for songs, so users should be as honest as they can.

Additionally, the app features a “sentence” function–an interesting and highly unique feature for a free music streaming app. Users must make a sentence that describes their relative mood. Beats Music has a word bank containing words that relate to certain types of music. One-by-one, users pick a word from the bank for the sentence. Once the sentence is complete, the app forms a playlist from the words users picked. Of course, Beats Music functions like Spotify, users can add music from the app’s library to a playlist or the the larger library of songs. These songs can be made available for listening offline, as well. Since the library of music is quite extensive, it’s important that you monitor your child’s activity. Otherwise, we recommend Beats Music for children ages 12 and older.



download (4)Beats Music and the self-awareness thinking skill seamlessly fit together. While Beats Music offers most of the extensive personalization options that come stock with most apps (setting themes, color schemes, and user profiles), and it features many additional functions that align well with self-awareness. Under the setting tab, users have the "tune your taste" setting. Once engaged, users are encouraged to tap on the genres they like most. When double tapped, Beats Music will recognize these selections are important parts of the user's listening preferences. Users can hold a genre to get rid of it completely or choose the leave it untouched. Leaving a genre untouched will not eliminate it completely, allowing users to explore a larger variety of types. The sentence feature of the app curates a playlist of songs that correspond with the mood, tone, and sentiment of that sentence. Users also include a type of music in the sentence. This allows them to have more control over the app's algorithm. Beats Music caters to users tastes and moods in a way that most music apps cannot. Of course, once songs begin to play users can like them or dislike them in a manner similar to Pandora. This way, Beats Music learns and adapts to user more specific and subtle preferences within genre.


Beats Music helps users organize their music libraries and playlists in a number of ways. Songs can be arranged by "date added," "most played," "least played," and "a-z." Once synced to the app, users can enable "offline mode," which allows selected songs to be played when wifi is not available -- which is great for car rides. These organizational function allow users to locate songs more easily, while simultaneously introducing organizational strategies. Users can create playlists for songs that share a theme or mood. Playlists can serve purposes as well. A driving mix, party mix, and relaxing playlists are essentials. Users can scour their app for songs that match the nature of the playlist. There are many ways in which listening to music and practicing organization can be combined into a single activity. Beats Music helps users realize these instances.

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