Improve Executive Functions with Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects

Our team at LearningWorks for Kids recommends playing video games as a tool for practicing executive functions because they require problem-solving, flexible thinking, and sustained focus and effort. These executive skills are not just important for playing video games but crucial for getting the best out of the child’s education. We also suggest using gameplay as a teaching tool because kids typically love to spend so much of their time in front of screens. COVID-19 influenced stay at home orders, remote learning, and restrictions from typical extracurricular activities have made screentime less attractive. Kids are looking for other activities to do during the pandemic over the past 9 months.  Our team would like to direct you to do-it-yourself projects that can also serve to improve executive functions. 

You might ask, how can your child improve executive functions with do it yourself  (DIY) projects? In many ways, DIY projects are the best way because of the hands-on nature of learning -even better than video games-to practice and improve executive functions. Like video games, they are engaging, sustain attention and persistence, require planning, organization, and time management. DIY projects often involve creativity and flexibility planning skills as well and do serve the purpose of taking kids away from their screens. Most DIY projects suitable for kids will practice and improve executive functions because as they often involve a step-by-step process, where a child needs to evaluate their assets, make alterations when appropriate, and work hard towards completing it.

Many of the best do-it-yourself projects combine a child’s interests with problem-solving skills. For example, this might include mechanical capacities, the ability to follow directions, and even learning how to use new tools. Some do-it-yourself projects require the integration of technology for the project. For example, the directions or research to complete a DIY project might start by searching the Internet for directions or a video. Consider how many adults (and now kids as well) learn to cook by watching cooking videos. 

Finding the best DIY project to practice and improve executive functions is a matter of a child’s interest and developmental stage. In helping your child select projects consider their age, learning style, passions, and attention span. For example, if a child has a short attention span find a project that they can successfully complete in less than an hour. Make certain that the directions for a DIY project are written at a level that your child understands and can follow. Successful completion of projects will encourage more efforts in the future.

Here are some other tools to improve executive functions with do it yourself  (DIY) projects:

13 DIY Projects Your Whole Family Can Do Together

Thirteen DIY projects to work on together and bond as a family.  Projects range in difficulty from painting rocks to building a treehouse. These fun projects can be done with the help of a parent, or it can even be a project for teens to complete on their own.

41 Fun craft ideas for kids to make at home

A list of tons of crafts for kids to do at home to beat boredom. Many of the craft ideas also include youtube video demonstrations and websites providing instructions, making the projects less of a hassle to do.  

Home Depot Activities for Kids

Home Depot has a huge compilation of craft project guides for kids. It is easy to decide what project is the best match for you based on the information provided on the overview of projects. The overview provides a quick summary, a project’s level of difficulty, and estimated completion time. It is a fast way to scan through projects to find the one you want to do. 

11 Easy Craft Ideas for Kids to Make With Stuff You Have at Home

One of the hardest parts about doing craft projects is having to buy all the supplies needed before you start. has a list of easy crafts that can be made with materials found at home. This makes for a stress-free experience for parents while kids still can have fun crafting. 

DIY Projects for Teens

DIY Projects for Teens seems to have an endless amount of projects for teens. The website features a surplus of articles each about a different type of project. The DIY projects are broken down into categories to find the right one for you. There are so many options to choose from, such as different ways to use old jeans, cookie mason jar recipes, nail polish crafts, and much more. 

36 Cool DIY Projects for Teen Boys

It can be harder to find the right projects for teen boys that are fun and age-appropriate. With 36 cool projects for teenage boys, there is something for everyone. Examples of projects are building bottle rockets and skateboard shelves. 

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