Introducing LW4K’s Let’s Play Minecraft Videos

Is Minecraft bad for kids? It’s a legitimate question, considering some children are so obsessed with the game that they are almost unwilling to engage in any other type of activity.

A modest amount of Minecraft can actually be good for your kids. Minecraft is a highly engaging game for your child’s brain and also a fantastic opportunity to interact with peers. The high levels of sustained attention and interest that Minecraft sparks in some kids may be a precursor to developing a hobby or future vocation. I have talked with many parents whose Minecraft obsessed kids became involved in computer programming or developing an expertise with building a computer or a server. Some kids will undoubtedly take their fascination with Minecraft and look to a career in architecture, construction, mathematics, landscape design, environmental sciences or geology, all of which are prominent themes in the game.


MinecraftLetsFocus2One of the ways to foster an appropriate level of focus and interest in Minecraft is to watch our newly created series of Minecraft Let’s Play videos, very much like those videos your kids are watching nonstop on YouTube. Written and produced by Ryan Smith, the LearningWorks for Kids Let’s Play editor, our Let’s Plays videos on Minecraft are funny, entertaining, and a great opportunity to learn Minecraft skills and a bit about how Minecraft can teach executive functions. Your kids will find these Let’s Plays engaging, comical at times, and an opportunity for learning all types of skills.

In Episode 1: Focusing on a Home, Ryan helps Minecraft players recognize how they practice the skill of focus and persistence in the game as he searches for a home. You might choose to watch this video with your child so you can learn about how Minecraft can exercise the skill of focusing.

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