Best Free Multiplication Games for Kids

Learning multiplications tables can be a drab, boring affair when left to worksheets and rote memorization. For kids with ADHD, tackling traditional math lessons and assignments can be doubly frustrating. Multiplication games for kids, however, offer a unique, fun alternative to traditional learning methods, and the engaging, interactive nature of these games make them attractive learning tools for reluctant learners.

Multiplication games can help kids practice computations without it feeling like drudgery, framing the exercise within a game with set goals. Chasing high scores is a great way to get kids excited to learn, and friendly competition between family can be a great way to motive kids to learn. Read over our top free picks below to find great games for helping kids practice their multiplication skills.

Our Picks for Best Multiplication Games for Kids:

Sushi Monster:

Sushi MonsterEven the title of the game is intriguing, not to mention the nature of the gameplay. Children will enjoy playing against the sushi monster villain, attempting to keep him satisfied by feeding him. Bits of food are only available when children provide correct solutions to a set of multiplication problems. They must must work quickly because a game clock keeps time. Children can gauge their progress based on the amount of time it took to complete each round of play. Sushi Monster is one of the better multiplication games for kids because it allows them to get practice, while immersed in a fun gaming environment.


MathtopiaUsually the best math games use a timer, forcing players to use quick mental math strategies to solve problems. Mathtopia incorporates the timer into its gameplay, awarding 1-3 starts to children who solve all questions correctly in a relatively short amount of time. The game works like this: children must match tiles which contain unsolved equations by pairing it with the tile that contains the solution. When they correctly solve the problem, the bubble will be given a color. Bubbles of the same colors must then be arranged in corresponding rows with matching colors. Even the free lite version is one of the better multiplication games for kids.

Math vs. Zombies:

Math vs. ZombiesWhile Math vs. Zombies works with four different types of functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, children can choose levels that deal with one function specifically. In this case it is multiplication. Each time children solve one of the questions correctly, a zombie is eliminated from the screen. Kids must eliminate all zombies (turn them into humans) in order to win. With each incorrect answer, kids will lose health, causing the zombies to encroach on their territory. Three levels of difficultly allow kids of all ages opportunities to practice and hone their multiplication skills. The added pressure of advancing zombies keeps kids on their toes, ensuring they will be attentive throughout gameplay. Math vs. Zombies resembles a shooter game in that kids must carefully and methodically rid the screen of invaders in order to succeed. Of the three, it is probably the most engaging multiplication games for kids.


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