The Top 5 Most Fun Math Games for Kids

Best-Math-Games-for-KidsWe’ve written in the past about the importance of using math websites and other digital tools to boost at-home learning, but games offer a particularly engaging way to immerse more-reluctant learners in mathematical concepts.

The best math games for kids are often simple and engaging, introducing basic concepts and expanding upon them through entertaining gameplay. Math can be an enjoyable and interactive subject, with many real-world applications, making games a great way to drive home in-class studies and make learning fun. Check out the recommendations below to find the math games right for your child.

Our Top Picks for Fun Math Games for Kids:


MathmateerIn Mathmateer, children must build and launch a rocket by solving problems involving money, numbers, time-telling, geometric shapes, and multiplication tables. Children will need to combine speed with accuracy in order to score well. By correctly selecting the correct answers on screen their rocket will get more “hangtime,” boosting the overall score. If children want a more stress-free version of the game where there is no real incentive, they can play the mini-games, where there is an infinite amount of time to practice the logic and quick thinking necessary to get a gold medal.

Slice It!:

Slice ItWhat’s interesting about Slice It! is that the game does not deal directly with numbers. Instead it focuses on understanding how shapes work, prompting children to take a generated shape, and slice it into a predetermined number of pieces, using only a certain number of swipes. It takes keen planning, logic, and spacial awareness to complete the more difficult levels that occur later in the game. It’s all about geometry and playing the angles.



MathtopiaIn Mathtopia, children must match a series of tiles containing equations, and pair them with the corresponding answer. When they correctly solve a problem, the tile is given a color, which must then be arranged in vertical, diagonal, or horizontal rows. Like a Tetris game, the bubbles will disappear when a solid row is completed. Children are timed, and are awarded 1 to 3 stars based on the speed and accuracy in which they completed each round. Mathtipia one of the best iPhone math games because it fosters a combination of accuracy and quick thinking.

 Math vs. Zombies:

Math vs. ZombiesSave the world from invading zombies by solving equations. Each time children answer a question correctly, a zombie is “zapped,” turning the monster back into a kid. When children begin to answer consecutive questions incorrectly, they will start to lose the zapper’s power as well as their health. With three different levels of difficulty, Math vs. Zombies  can be used to help a wide age range of children become better problem solvers — especially when under pressure.


Sushi Monster:

Sushi MonsterSushi Monster deals only with addition and multiplication problems, but offers a unique twist that makes running through equations fun. Children are presented with a series of products and sums on sushi plates, which must be fed to the monster. Children combine the different numbers to get the desired sum or product. If the monster is fed an incorrect sum or product, children will have to repeat the level again. Gameplay is timed, and the faster children find the correct solution, the higher they will score.


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