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Digital technologies and math seemingly go hand in hand. Not only are tablets like the iPad designed to be user friendly, but they are portable, inviting, and an engaging platform for children. This makes them the perfect tool for encouraging learning in young ones, especially for children who have a particular distaste for mathematics.

From boosting basic computation skills, to introducing mathematical concepts like fractions and graphs, the selection of apps below offer a variety of ways to engage reluctant learnings in mathematics. Check out the list below to find the apps best fit for your family.

Our Picks for the Best Apps for Math:

Play 123

Play 123

Shapes, colors and numbers come alive in PLAY 123 , an educational iOS app for introducing toddlers to basic geometrical, spacial, and logic concepts. Children play with colors and numbers, using various functions of the iPad to learn new shapes, trace and draw, and follow along to the narrated instructions. To learn more about this fun app geared towards preschoolers, head on over to our Play 123 guide.


Number Tap

Number Tap

In Number Tap – Math Master, kids are tasked with racing against a timer as they solve equations. A bar on the side of the game screen becomes smaller as the seconds tick by, but more time can be added to t by corrected answering equations. This means players balance speed and accuracy as they try to answer correctly in time.  Easy, medium, and hard modes are available, allowing parents to match the challenge up with their kids’ current skills. Check out our Number Tap guide for details.



Graphing is a common problem area in mathematics, and can be a difficult concept for children to wraps their heads around. Fortunately, there’s a great free educational app designed specifically to help kids tackle this tricky subject. Graphs is singularly focused app specifically designed to help kids understand basic graphing concepts, covering a range of graphing-related content.The app is broken up into a learning section (where users are introduced to concepts) and a test section (where they must apply the skills they have learned). See our Graphs overview for more.


DyscalculatorAn app tailored specifically for children with dyscaculia — a learning disability that makes it difficult to compute and manipulate numbers — Dyscalculator is a powerful tool for aiding children with special needs. The app functions like a traditional calculator app, but offers an “extended functions” feature, providing children with alternative means for solving equations or word problems. Dyscalculator also displays numbers in a numerical format, as well as a written format — and by pressing and holding digits, users can prompt the app to read numbers out loud. Read our Dyscalculator guide for details.

Oh No! Fractions:

Oh No Fractions!Like Graphs, this is an app devoted to teaching children a specific area of mathematics — fractions. Oh No Fractions! focuses on teaching varying levels of fractions and ratios to children, employing a mix of equations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and comparison of fractions. The app feature a unique visual representation, helping kids conceptualize fractions by breaking them up on the screen.  If kusers get stuck, there is also a “show me” option which presents an immediate answer to a particularly troublesome questions. Our Oh No! Fractions guide has more.


sumdogWhile Sumdog is a website, it has been optimized to function well on a mobile device. The site primarily features games to reinforce addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractional skills. In the games, children will race against three other players who are simultaneously active on the site. Not only does it make the games more exciting, but it adds a bit of competitive incentive to quickly and correctly answer each question. See our SumDog guide for details.

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