Great Apps To Help Kids Cope With Anxiety

Help Kids Cope With Anxiety

Whether dealing with the stress of the upcoming school year, starting a first job, or learning to cope with other new experiences, children can experience anxiety for a number of reasons. At LearningWorks for Kids, we’re constantly on the lookout for technologies that have the potential to improve the daily lives of our readers and their families, and anxiety is no exception. Using our rigorous standards, we’ve developed a list of great apps to help kids cope with anxiety.

The options below offer a range of tools for managing anxiety, from guided meditation and relaxation techniques, to mood-tracking software for monitoring stress triggers and improvements in self-regulation.

Look over apps below to find powerful tools to help kids cope with anxiety.

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iCan: Anxiety Free:


iCan: Anxiety Free is an app that seeks to help users relieve stress and anxiety through guided meditation. The app provides pre-recorded meditation sessions lasting around thirty minutes. Finding a safe, quiet, and relaxing location in the home to listen to and practice guided meditation can be a great way to unwind after a particularly stressful day, or provide a great toolset to help your child cope with anxiety over time.



Breathe2Relax is a great app to help your child cope with anxiety. This utility app teachers users how to practice extremely helpful controlled breathing techniques. Using calming imagery and sounds, the app provides users with a graphic timer that suggests the length and speeds of a users “breathing cycles.” Breathe2Relax also provides documentation for educating users on how and why controlled breathing can help to relieve anxiety.

Stress Tracker:


Stress Tracker is an app designed to facilitate long-term mood tracking. Users can input their stress level at any time, night or day, and includes important factors such as stress triggers and symptoms. The app can provide great insight into a user’s overall anxiety levels over long stretches of time, what causes the most anxiety, and at what points a user feels most anxious and stressed. Stress Tracker can be a great way for users to make informed and educated decision about lifestyle choices and strategies for reducing the overall stress and anxiety present in their lives over time.



Songza is a unique music app that allows users to select songs and playlists based on activities and moods. The app provides recommendations based on the time of day, a users preferences, and what type of mood the user is in at the time of listening. Music’s therapeutic qualities are well documented, and users can utilize calming and mellow playlists at the end of a particularly long and stressful day to help them unwind and relieve anxiety levels.

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3 thoughts on “Great Apps To Help Kids Cope With Anxiety

  1. Thank you so much for identifying these apps. I have a number of kids in mind who will benefit from using them. I am wondering, however, if you know of or can recommend any biofeedback type of apps that allow kids to practice different anxiety reducing skills as part of a game type format.

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