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What is Working Memory?

Working Memory is the thinking skill that focuses on memory-in-action: the ability to remember and use relevant information while in the middle of an activity.

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How does Working Memory Work?

Working Memory is a crucial skill that affects every area of a child’s life. This skill allows a child to recall and utilize information while performing an activity. It is vital to activities like taking notes, following multi-step directions, and completing complex mathematical calculations. Working Memory also plays an important role in reading comprehension.


Kids with good Working Memory skills:

  • Can remember and follow complicated directions.
  • Have the ability to use what they have learned in a previous experience in a new situation.
  • Maintain their level of engagement while performing tasks, even when shifting activities within a given task.
  • Reorganize their thoughts or materials in a fashion that encourages further learning.
  • Are able to sustain their attention throughout tasks.

Kids with underdeveloped Working Memory skills:

  • Remember only the first or last things in a series of directions.
  • Have difficulty with tasks that entail more than one step.
  • Forget what they are doing in the middle of doing it.
  • Can be absent-minded and often need help from adults to remember directions.
  • Are confused when attempting to complete multi-step math problems.

Playing video games, searching the Internet, trying out the newest app, or Facebooking a friend demands a variety of Thinking Skills. For children, the attraction of  video games and technologies makes them an ideal teaching tool for practicing game-based skills and learning to apply them to school and daily activities.

Working Memory is a skill that is routinely applied in many games and apps, ranging from simple gaming tasks, such as recalling which buttons to push on a controller, to more complex tasks like understanding the many functions of a photography or social app.

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