Helping Students with ADHD

Many students with ADHD perform well academically in early elementary school. This is particularly true for cognitively advanced students with ADHD who have areas of intellectual strength. Psychologists have observed […]

Empowering Students with Executive Functioning Weaknesses: By Dr. Erica Warren

One of the best ways to empower students with executive functioning challenges is to help them embrace and utilize their best ways of processing. Each person understands the world around them in […]

Can Playing Video Games Make Your Child Think Faster?

We did this research to help us learn about whether playing games such as Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, or Rock Band could help children to become faster and more […]


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Five Ways to Help Children Who Cannot Remember Their Morning Routine

“My 10-year old needs me to help him get ready for school every morning. He forgets to brush his teeth, take his backpack, and get his lunch. If I didn’t […]

Beyond Games: Can You Teach a Child to Keep Track of Time?

There is something special about getting lost in an activity and losing track of time. Being absorbed in what you are doing can reflect a sense of mindfulness and being […]

Module 2: The LW4K Method

LearningWorks Live Instructor TrainingModule 2Generalizations and Transfer Psychologists define generalization as the transfer of an action learned in one setting to a different setting, so that individuals are fully able [...]

Screen Time for 10- and 11-Year-old Children

How much screen time is good for your 10- or 11-year-old child? Should you allow your child to own a cell phone? Should the child be able to navigate YouTube […]

Do Kids Learn From Video Game and Screen Time?

Throughout the 1990’s and the first decade of the 21st century, most educators,  pediatricians, psychologists, and other child care professionals viewed video-game play as a waste of time. While early […]

Parenting ADHD

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