The Birdcage 2

The Birdcage 2 is a mystery puzzle game. The player is trying to solve a variety of puzzles in order to release a bird from its cage. It is the […]

Where’s My Water 2?

In Disney’s Where’s My Water 2? the player is guiding water through the sewers so that an alligator can take a bath. To do this, the player must cut through […]


Polipong essentially brings curling to your Apple product (with cute graphics). The point of the game is to slide a bird token into a star token and have the star […]

Letters & Sodas

Letters & Sodas is a puzzle game with a Scrabble influence. The player is given a target word and a set of letter tiles. The letter tiles will include more […]

Decipher: The Brain Game

Decipher: The Brain Game is a lines and gears puzzle game set on a backdrop of outer-space and constellations. Each level shows a puzzle with several lines and […]

Best Fiends

In Seriously Digital Entertainment’s┬áBest Fiends, players use “fiends” (insect inspired characters) to rid Minutia of slugs. Players must connect three (or more) of a color to attack slugs and beat […]


Piffle is a puzzle ball adventure with a cat theme. The player uses cat-head shaped balls to bounce off walls and other objects positioned above their person (who is dressed […]

Mini-Guide: Pivotol

Pivotol is a match-3 style game with a very unique twist. The player has a game board of colored squares. They must match six or more of the same color. […]

Mini-Guide: Starlit Adventures

Starlit Adventures is a digging game with a good dose of puzzle added in. The player controls a girl on a mole who must go digging through various environments to […]

Mini-Guide: Kami 2

Kami 2 is a simple yet challenging puzzle game. There are no time limits, but each level does have a limited number of moves for the player to complete the […]

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