Do Video Games Cause ADHD?

The simple answer is no: playing video games will never “cause” a child to develop the symptoms of Attention¬†Deficit¬†Hyperactivity Disorder. While we will detail research that demonstrates why video games […]

Final Fantasy XIII

This RPG game helps improve Organization, is available for PS3 and Xbox 360, and is recommended for kids ages 13+.

Batman: Arkham City

This action game helps with Working Memory, Self-Control, and Planning, and is only recommended to players ages 14+.


This fun app and website creates unique videos from user-provided images, video clips, and music.

Cut The Rope

This puzzle game helps with Flexibility, Time Management, and Planning, and is recommended for kids ages 5+.

Getting Emotional about Playing Video Games

We know that playing video games with your child is a great opportunity for bonding and relationship building. Studies like those done by Bringham Young University have shown this in research, and any parent who has spent a good few hours playing with their kids has experienced it firsthand. Just as important as this type of bonding, however, are the ways that you can use this playtime to model […]

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