Sushi Monster

Sushi Monster is a math game that helps with Planning, Time Management and Working Memory, and is recommended to kids 6 and up.


MimioReading is an online and app based resource for teaching users the skills and strategies needed for proficient reading comprehension.


MimioSprout is web and app based software designed to help children acquire the skills and knowledge to become proficient readers.


Cheers is a social networking app designed to allow users to share and celebrate happy and uplifting moments in their lives with others.

DIY Nano

The DIY Nano app provides parents with detailed instructions on “do-it-yourself” home projects to teach children about nano science and technologies.

Learning with Video Games

Can simply playing video games that demand critical thinkingĀ help players better apply the use of those skills to real-world scenarios? We’d say no, probably not — at least […]


MonkeyThinks is an app designed to help young children develop their vocabulary during the beginning stages of speech.

BrainPop Jr.

BrainPOP Jr. is a web-based educational service geared towards children who are between Kindergarten and Third Grade.


Versu combines a reading app with an element of gaming in which users can participate in, and choose their characters’ thoughts, feelings, actions, and words.

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