Vowch is a cross between Facebook and Yelp where users build a profile of their interests by vouching for a variety of places, artists, and hobbies


Magisto is a simplified movie maker which allows users to take up to 25 minutes of video footage, which the app will automatically condense, created a short, edited film. Users […]


Directr is a video app that allows users to shoot, edit, direct a videos. Unlike Vine and Instagram, there is no time limit on each video that restricts the functionality […]


Roblox is a robust website, program, and mobile application that allows users to design, create, and play unique digital environments and games.


Tracks is a mobile photosharing app that combines together many of the social media elements found in popular apps like Instagram and Pinterest, mixing together the┬ádisplay and general aesthetic of […]

Miso Social TV

Miso Social TV is a social-media app designed to allow users to track and share their television and movie consumption.


ClipChat is a video-chatting app designed to allow users to send short personalized video clips to friends and family members via an internet or mobile connection.


Quilt is an real time scrap booking app that where users can connect with friends.


Path is a social media app with strict privacy settings. Users tend to use the app within their close circles of friends to keep abreast of everyone’s activity

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