Shine is a self-care and meditation app designed to help the user calm their anxieties, get to the root of their emotions and actions, and find some strategies for […]

Flow by Moleskine


Flow by Moleskine is a comprehensive sketching app where the user has access to over 900 colors and customizable drawing tools. The user can create drawings on blank spaces […]

Daily Art


Daily Art is an app that introduces users to one new work of art each day. The user can set reminders to check the app by enabling push notifications […]



Punkt is a journaling app for users to gain insights into their mood and activity patterns. Each day you log in, you are asked to describe something that happened […]

Endless Learner


Endless Learning is an app to help your child learn preschool to elementary school-level topics using the touch screen interface on your device. The app asks for the age […]

Spark Reading for Kids


Spark Reading for Kids is an app designed to promote reading skills and STEM Literacy in children ages six to sixteen. When opening the app, the user will be […]

Be-Be-Bears: Painting for Kids


Be-Be-Bears: Painting for Kids is a creativity app where your child can color in scenes featuring the animated Be-Be-Bears, Bjorn and Bucky. In creative mode, children can use a […]

Crayola Colorful Creatures


Crayola Colorful Creatures is an app for preschool aged children where they can explore colors, animals, and play fun games to help them learn focusing skills. When the app […]



Daylio is a habit tracker and diary app where the user selects emojis and icons instead of worded entries in order to keep track of their daily activities. When […]

Papumba First Words For Baby


First Words for Baby is an app that is designed by Papumba to help your young child take their first steps into learning their ABC’s. Children can choose from […]

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