LQ: 8.05


Brain grade: 8.1
Fun score: 8.0

Platform/Console: , , LWK Recommended Age: 4+ Thinking Skills Used: , Academic Skills Used:


Timecap is a To Do List app that also allows the user to set and keep track of Focus and Time Management goals. The user can set up their To-Do list by choosing from a list of three options; activities they need to repeat several times in a period, activities that need to be completed only once in a period, and activities that the user would like to limit to a certain amount of time. Once the preference is selected, the user fills in information such as the frequency of the activity, when it needs to be accomplished, and whether it is a goal or something that the user would like to limit doing.

Color coding is also available so that the user can see at a glance what types of activities they need to accomplish for the day. The app then generates a list of these activities so the user can check them off as they go through their day. For users who prefer a different way to look at their to-do lists, a grid view is also available. The user can also add notes to their to-do lists if they need reminders or to provide context to their items. 

Timecap is a free app but certain features, including more colors for organization, require additional in-app purchases. Younger users may need assistance setting up their app and adding items to their calendar. 

Timecap helps kids practice and improve the following skills:

Organization: Arranging and coordinating materials in order to complete a task.

Timecap is a good way for users to practice their organization skills by creating their own to-do lists in a color-coded and easy to use format. For users who struggle with organization, keeping a daily or weekly calendar of to-do lists can be challenging because of the number of items to keep track of. Setting time limit goals can also be challenging because if you do not keep track of them you can forget how much time you have already spent doing that particular activity. Timecap keeps all of these things organized and in a digital format, encouraging the user to continue adding items to their lists and checking them off as they go along. For further practice with organizing, the user can color code their goal and time limit entries for easy reference. 

Time Management: Being efficient and aware of our use of time and effort. 

If a user would like to limit the amount of time they spend on a certain activity, such as watching TV, Timecap is a great way to help build up Time Management skills. Because the user can create goals for limiting the time they spend on a task, they can keep track of how long they have been doing an activity using a timer built right into the item on the to-do list. It is an immediate visual which allows the user to be more aware of how they are spending their time and help them make more efficient use of their day. 

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