LQ: 9.3


Brain grade: 9.4
Fun score: 9.2

Platform/Console: , , , LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: , , Academic Skills Used:

iBooks is an app for downloading and reading digital books. Users can purchase and store books on a virtual bookshelf, where they can be accessed using any iBooks capable device. The iBooks Store offers suggestions, key word searches, genre searches, and bestseller lists to help you and your child decide what to read next. The app is easy to use, featuring intuitive tap and swipe features that make for quick and easy navigation of books, pages, and options. iBooks has a great selection of stories for parents to read to their children, or more advanced texts for young adults and seasoned readers, making the app recommended for use with children ages 6 and up.

This App is good for kids who need help with:


Understanding our own actions, thoughts and feelings.

Exploring personal interests and curiosities is easy with iBooks. Users can browse the iBook store, gaining access to an enormous variety of e-books across numerous genres. Searching for texts of a favorite author or genre, users can read previews or excerpts before making a purchase. With such a large selection of texts available to them, users have an opportunity to develop and explore interests in multiple fields. Additionally, iBooks stores users' purchases on a digital bookshelf. Complete with digital cover artwork, the bookshelf provides a visual display of a users tastes and development over time.


Getting started and then maintaining attention and effort to tasks. Ignoring external distractions.

Whether reading a comic, short story, or novel, users must practice Focus and concentration to understand and interpret their reading selections. Reading requires a high level of concentration. Users must focus on the text in front of them, making mental note of important descriptions, details, and plot points. Users who lack focus and concentration will absorb far less information and are more likely to miss essential elements of the story.

Working Memory

Recalling and retaining information in our mind while working.

For users who are still learning to read or struggle with reading, iBooks has an excellent selection of children and young adults texts, as well as a wide range of graphic novels. When practicing their Reading skill, users must recall the phonetics of letters and combinations of letters as well as remember syntax and the meaning of different forms of punctuation. Additionally, the Working Memory skill is exercised in reading while building a vocabulary. Users will learn to recognize and define familiar words as they continue to read and expand their vocabulary and reading library. iBooks utilizes a dictionary feature, which allows users to highlight unfamiliar words and immediately find a definition, search the web, or search wikipedia without leaving the application and losing their page. Learning the meaning to new words is both convenient and easy.


iBooks offers an enormous selection of paid and free digital books across numerous genres. From traditional novels to comic books, users of any taste can find reading material which interests and engages them. With previews and excerpts available, users can locate texts which truly grab their attention, making practicing reading an enjoyable experience.

Part of practicing reading includes expanding vocabulary. iBooks comes with a built in dictionary and by highlighting unfamiliar words, users can immediately read definitions or search for more information on the web without leaving their page.

iBooks can facilitate productive reading practice by providing a large selection of texts in the users reading level and interest, while providing additional features to aid users in expanding their skill as a reader.

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