Barefoot World Atlas

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Brain grade: 9.5
Fun score: 8.8

Platform/Console: , LWK Recommended Age: 6+ Thinking Skills Used: ,

Barefoot World Atlas is a highly functional, interactive world map, which users can tilt, zoom, and learn about world culture, geography, topography, and history. There’s so much to learn and explore that in Barefoot World Atlasthat users can spend hours and only scratch the surface of what they can learn. It’s an iOS only app, and priced in the iTunes store at $4.99. It’s a great supplement to a history class or a piece of cultural literature. Users can set favorite places, and search by country, region, and continent to get more comfortable with the world map. The graphics are very child friendly, making it especially engaging for younger users. There are educational puzzles and games for users to take when exploring new places and short explanations accompanying historical landmarks or popular tourist sites. Barefoot World Atlas is a great learning tool and recommended for users ages 6 and up.

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download (44)Simply by opening Barefoot World Atlas users can get a sense of their place in the world. It's more than an atlas or globe that can make an individual feel small. Instead the app invites users to explore the cultures of the world through landmarks, flags, and other child-centric themes and motifs. Users can explore their own countries and regions, learning about what makes them unique - as well as understanding their proximity and relativity to the rest of the world. Pick a favorite region, explore and delve into it. It well help users learn about their environment, while comparing it to other.places on the map.


Global perspective is a trait that many people do not understand until later in life, after traveling, reading, and experiencing different people and places. But using Barefoot World Atlas can give users a head start. Users will learn how geography affects culture and forces people to adapt. Users are encouraged to "step into the shoes" of someone in another culture, and try to imagine life in another country. Not only does this broaden one's worldview, but it also brings out facets of the flexibility thinking skill -- traits like adapting, accepting change, and realizing differences in people and places.

Social Studies

Users will find Barefoot World Atlas an asset to their curricula. Sometimes it's hard to imagine historical events and remember dates because there is no context -- no visual accompaniment. But if users open Barefoot World Atlas and click on a the place they are learning about, it will be much easier to visualize historical events because now there's a point of reference. If users can visualize what a country looks and feels like, they will have a much easier time understanding they way that history unfolds.

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