Tiny Crossword


Tiny Crossword is an Apple Arcade game where the player completes crossword puzzles in order to move along through various countries on a map. The clues for each puzzle […]



Tangerine is a self-care app that focuses on mood tracking, habit forming, and journaling. The user logs into the app and can then choose to set up the positive […]

Pokemon Masters EX


Pokemon Masters EX is a mobile game where you play as a Pokemon trainer who goes on adventures and hopes to compete in the Pokemon Master League. As you […]

Planny 5


Planny is an organization app that allows the user to keep track of all of their important tasks and plan ahead by scheduling tasks for future dates. The user […]

Boggle With Friends


Boggle With Friends is a word game where players try to create as many words as they can within a time limit. They do this by touching the mobile […]

Pinkfong’s Dino World


Pinkfong Dino World is an entertainment app where your children can choose from multiple games and coloring books featuring dinosaurs. It is made by the South Korean educational entertainment […]

Pet World: My Animal Shelter


Pet World: My Animal Shelter is a simulation game where the player is an intern working at an animal rescue shelter. Animals come into the shelter every day and […]

Visual Daily Schedule


Visual Daily Schedule is an app for children to create task lists and learn to manage their time. The child can create general categories and then add subcategories within […]

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector


Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is an idle game where you are the owner of a home that is sadly cat-free. By putting out various food and playthings, you attract […]

Pilipop Espanol


Pilipop Espanol is an app designed for children five to ten that introduces them to basic words and phrases in the Spanish language. The app offers several different listening […]

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