LW4K Picks: Best Apps and Games to Improve Self-Control

Digital technologies are often blamed for contributing to self-control problems in children. But with the right apps and games, the same activities thought to be a recreational distraction can prove […]

Sports Champions: Gladiator Duel

This sports game helps improve Self-Control and Self-Awareness, and is recommended for kids ages 10+.

Sports Champions: Table Tennis

This sports game helps with Focus and Self-Control, and is recommended for kids ages 6+.

Sports Champions: Disc Golf

This sports game helps with Flexibility, Planning, and Self-Control, and is recommended for children aged 6+.

Sports Champions: Bocce Ball

This sports / active game helps with Self-Awareness, Self-Control and Planning, and is recommended for kids ages 6+.

How Tennis Improves Executive Functions

Tennis can be played individually or as a part of a team where cheering on teammates or playing doubles practices social-emotional learning skills. It’s a great game for kids who […]

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Executive Functioning Skills in Soccer

Soccer has become one of the most popular games in the United States among kids. This has been helped along by the success of our national teams, with the U.S. […]

Major League Gaming

When I was a kid in the 1960s my biggest dream was to be a major-leaguer. Yes, I wanted to be a baseball player like my heroes Carl Yastrzemski and […]

Technology and Depression: Strategies and Tips for Parents

Depression is one of the most common psychiatric difficulties experienced by children. While most children and adults sometimes feel sad and blue, a diagnosed depression tends to be more severe, […]

Best Active Games for Kids with ADHD

In celebration of ADHD awareness month, we’ve been covering the potential benefits and concerns of video game use with children diagnosed with ADHD all throughout October. From covering the latest […]