What Else Can Teens Do About Stress?

Stress is a part of life when you’re a teenager. Whether it’s your parents, your social life, or school, you are going to have to deal with stress and anxiety. First, you might want to go for a run or a bike ride. Later you might turn to your phone and try out an app like iCan:Anxiety Free.

A while back we published a few ideas for what teens can do about stress. Here are some other strategies that will help you reduce your stress:

Talk to other people who experience anxiety. You might want to talk to relatives who experience anxiety in a similar way. Do an Internet search for celebrities, sports figures, or artists with anxiety.   You might find that many of these celebrities use their activities to combat anxiety.

Try aromatherapy.  Use oils like lavender or sandalwood in a diffuser to create a different atmosphere in your space.  For some people, aromatherapy treatment can be extremely helpful and relaxing.

Chew gum or eat some mints.  Chewing gum can be relaxing and direct excess energy in a healthy way. It can also reduce cortisol levels and stress.  Some mints have been demonstrated to help reduce anxiety and stress, as well.

Make yourself go outside. Go someplace where nature prevails, where there are many trees and you can hear the sounds of birds or other animals. Take a deep breath, paying full attention to your setting. Explore different plants and aspects of the environment in a careful manner.


Featured image: Flickr user Leo Hidalgo

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One thought on “What Else Can Teens Do About Stress?

  1. Yes, exactly the things that’s keeping them busy, stressed, and distant. They truly need our support, sometimes by encouragement, sometimes just being there without really talking but just listening as they pour their heart out. I am not a perfect mother, but from time to time I check myself if I am already too much of a disturbance than a help. So tips like these truly help. Awesome blog by the way!

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