Strategies to Reduce Anxiety for Teens

Most teens get stressed sometimes. In fact, if you are a teenager who doesn’t get stressed, you’re pretty rare. Feeling worried and overwhelmed are just part of growing up, symptoms of your increasing understanding and awareness of your world. The best things to do when you get anxious are to spend some time with your friends, talk to people you trust, and get some exercise. You might even want to get on your phone and try an app like Calm that was made to help with relaxation.

Here are some strategies to reduce anxiety and stress:

Tea Time Drink herbal tea for relaxation.  Many herbal teas can be helpful for stress management and even in getting more restful sleep. For the most part, commercially available teas do not seem to have any major side effects.  Medicinal properties aside, just drinking a cup of hot tea is a relaxing activity in and of itself.

You Can Do It Make a list of your strengths and keep it handy. Whenever you are anxious, take it out and read through it. It can be hard to think positive things about yourself when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Write this list in a paper journal or a journal app on your phone, where you can readily refer to it when you are feeling particularly troubled.

Accept and Question Acknowledge that you are anxious but actively seek out the root. Ask yourself if your anxiety is valid or realistic and what is the worst that could happen, even if your anxiety is totally justified. Ask yourself how bad it really is. If you feel anxious and can’t put your finger on why, take a few moments to reflect; Have you been putting something off? Is there an upcoming event you are worried about? Has an interaction with a friend or family member left you questioning yourself? If you can’t identify a cause, accept that you are feeling anxious now but that it is not a permanent state.

Spin. Yes, this is an adult telling you to take out that fidget spinner and spin away. Fidget spinners may not be the best thing to help you focus in class, but they can help you enter a sort of meditative state when you need to turn inward. Watching the spinner and practicing tricks is soothing and can help you take your mind off whatever might be bothering you. Mastering a new trick can even help boost your self esteem, and sharing it with others can get you laughing and talking and feeling a bit better.

For more about anxiety and how to handle it, see: our anxiety information page. Were you surprised by the fidget spinner suggestion? Get ready to be shocked when we suggest using video games to help relieve stress and anxiety.

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