3 Ways to Get More Minecraft Time

How to convince your parents you should get more Minecraft time

Do you love to play Minecraft? Do your parents ever tell you to stop playing because they think that it’s bad for you? Do you want to get more Minecraft time?

If you want to get your parents to let you play more Minecraft you’ve got to show them that you know there’s more to life than Minecraft.

As great as Minecraft is, too much Minecraft is like too much of anything else. A half hour to an hour of Minecraft every day can help with things like focus and memory. But too much Minecraft puts your body and brain out of balance. And there are actually some other very good reasons for you to do other things as well. Here are just three:

  1. First of all you need to be physically active. You probably already know exercise is good for your body, but like Minecraft, it is also good for your brain. Exercise produces a protein in your brain that improves concentration and memory.
  2. Second, you need to do well in school. Like Minecraft, you need to put time into school in order to improve. While school doesn’t always let you follow your interests, getting your homework done, completing reading assignments, and studying for tests gets your parents to give you more freedom to play Minecraft and pursue other interests too.
  3. Third, you need to have other interests besides Minecraft. If all you ever do is play Minecraft, you miss out on other cool things to do. Even if you use Minecraft as your inspiration for other activities, like modding, creating Let’s Play videos, coding, or building a fort in the backyard, make sure that you’re expanding your interests beyond Minecraft.

To help you get started in understanding how Minecraft can improve your skills, watch a few of our Let’s Play videos on the LearningWorks for Kids Let’s Play YouTube channel. You should also show your parents our Minecraft Playbook — you just might convince them to play along with you.


Featured image: Flickr user Tim Pierce

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