The Best Video Games Can Improve Brain Function

Video games are far more than eye candy. The games that kids love the most for their great graphics, exciting stories, and engaging game play also happen to be cognitively challenging, require the capacity to be creative, and are only “beaten” with persistence and effort. There are scientific studies that actually suggest that playing an hour a day of video games can improve brain function. When it comes to choosing a video game this holiday season, there are two major details to consider; which brain skill your child needs to improve and whether a particular game practices that skill. The team at LearningWorks for Kids can help you address both of these concerns and help you find which popular video games can improve brain function and please your child this Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa 2015.

Monster Busters is one of the many fun and engaging games that improve brain function

You may be surprised to learn that kids exercise planning and self-awareness when playing a game as fun and addictive as Monster Busters

Super Win the Game If you’re a fan of any old school Nintendo game, Super Win the Game will transport you right back to your youth. Your kids will love it, too, not only for its novelty, but for the fact that it is every bit as engaging as the games it pays such obvious homage to. Player will exercise flexibility, focus, and working memory skills as they navigate their “Wayfarer” from desert to sky and fantastic places in between in search of the six pieces of the Hollow King’s heart.

Back to Bed If your kid is artsy or enjoys a surreal challenge, Back to Bed is the perfect game for them. They’ll exercise time management and working memory as they help Bob sleepwalk through his weird dream world and make it back to bed safely. Each level presents a new challenge, and the cool graphics and odd atmosphere will hook players 8 and older.

Monster Busters The coolest thing about Monster Busters (besides its price tagit’s FREE!), is how cognitively challenging a little mobile app about busting up monsters and saving gingerbread people can be! Planning and self-awareness are two major keys to success in this game as kids work their way through increasingly challenging levels.


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2 thoughts on “The Best Video Games Can Improve Brain Function

  1. This is great! I really did not know that video games could increase children’s their cognitive learning. I also love that you listed a time of how long. Gives me a relative limit for them playing video games to learn!

  2. Good and informative. I have a baby son he is only 3 years. I want him to play this kinds of brain games later. I will share it with my son soon. Thanks for your great article.

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