Read about Executive Functions and ADHD

Parents and educators are increasingly talking about the role of executive functioning skills in children with ADHD. In
fact many prominent psychologists have identified ADHD as a disorder of executive functioning. These websites will provide you with clear and concise information about what executive functions are their relationship with ADHD. You may find that an understanding of executive functions will help you to better recognize and treat difficulties in areas such as organization, time management, and following directions.

Here are some of our favorite websites that provide useful information about executive functions and ADHD:

The National Center for Learning Disabilities provides thorough descriptions of executive functions. They also offer resources on executive functions in relation to schooling, with tips on completing homework, building study skills, and the accommodations available for children in school.

Dr. Thomas Brown’s website offers a new understanding of ADHD and executive functions known as “The Brown Model.” Dr. Brown developed this model to explain the executive functions affected by ADHD.

Laurie Moore Skillings, an ADHD coach, works primarily with teens to develop the skills needed to improve their school performance. Her website, ADD with Ease provides ADHD resources for teens, parents, and teachers respectively.

South County Child and Family’s website features a complete list of the 12 executive function disorders with descriptions. It also provides strategies on how to improve organization, time management, working memory and other aspects of executive functions.

Here at LearningWorksForKids, we offer comprehensive knowledge about executive functions providing descriptions, information about diagnoses, and development. We also provide access to the latest articles published on executive functions.

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