ADHD as a Strength

We rarely hear about ADHD as a strength, but it can be an asset in many situations. Many individuals diagnosed with ADHD report having high levels of energy
and creativity, and there is compelling research that a higher percentage of individuals with ADHD are successful entrepreneurs than those who are considered to be “normal.” One of the most important issues that I discuss with parents of children who been diagnosed with ADHD is how to help their child find their niche, to find activities that “light up their brain.” Helping a child find interests and activities that fully engage them often makes the symptoms of ADHD into an asset rather than a problem.

Here are some of our favorite websites that will help you to find the positive aspects of ADHD:

ADDspark was created by ADHD expert Dr. Edward Hallowell. This site features the successful stories of famous people living with ADHD and how they have managed to overcome the difficulties associated with it.

ADHD Coach Connect was established by Judy, an experienced ADHD coach who is passionate about helping improve the lives of students struggling with ADHD. Included in this website are testimonials from parents, guidance counselors and school psychologists who have worked with Judy and have seen real improvement in their children and students.’s ADHD site is a must visit because it focuses on the positive aspects of ADHD, including creativity and being comfortable with change. There are also inspiring articles on topics for empowering oneself, like how to unlearn a negative self-concept in order to release the feeling of abnormality.

The Healthy Place believes in emphasizing a student’s strengths rather than shining the spotlight solely on weaknesses. They offer helpful and innovative ways to help your child when common remedial tactics aren’t working.

ADD Crusher streams interactive video and/or audio strategies and instructions for managing ADHD symptoms. Also featured in their blog is information on a new ADHD awareness book entitled Inspirational Ways to Succeed with ADHD.

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