How Working Memory Problems Affect Children at School

From recalling the rules of grammar or remembering the details of a history lesson to knowing how to apply mathematical concepts, Working Memory is an incredibly important skills for scholarly success. Memory skills are used in a variety of ways in day-to-day academics, with verbal working memory playing a powerful role in reading comprehension, phonological awareness, and completing math word problems. Visual working memory is often significantly impaired in children who struggle in the area of mathematics.

Kids with underdeveloped Working Memory skills may only remember the first or last things in a series of directions, have difficulty with tasks that entail more than one step, or forget what they are doing in the middle of doing it. Students who tend to be absent-minded, commonly forget their homework and assignments, or fail to remain engaged in their work may exhibit a Working Memory deficit. Below, you’ll see some common ways Working Memory problems affect children at school, resulting in setbacks in reading, writing, and math.

Working Memory Problems & Academics

Reading — Working Memory is important for learning how to decode words, and it helps when kids are trying to remember specific parts of a story. Working Memory aids in recalling previously learned words while reading, and understand their definition and use within the text.

Writing — Working Memory skills are important for properly recalling and following the rules of grammar while writing, and help kids to better develop their vocabulary and spelling skills. Working Memory helps kids to be aware of the proper ways to structure sentences and paragraphs, and to keep thoughts in mind while they write.

Math — Working Memory helps children to remember the proper methods for solving problems, and aids in recalling and applying problem-solving strategies. Working Memory is important for learning mathematical concepts like formulas and order of operations, and helps when kids are trying to solve complex equations or multi-step word problems.

If you’re interested in learning more about Working Memory, download our free eBook — What is Working Memory? — or browse the latest games and apps for improving memory skills.

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  1. This was very helpful for understanding working memory within different subjects. I’ll definitely be referring back to this.

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